Mission statement

Our mission is to promote unity and equality among all individuals, regardless of race, through fostering the belief that we are all part of the same human race. 


We strive to combat racism, poverty, and mistreatment by investing in the youth, providing them with mentorship and support, and offering aid to those in need. 


Through our programs, we aim to create lasting change in the world, empowering the youth to shape a future of equality and justice.

Our Team

The team at One Blood Movement of Unity is a dedicated group of individuals who are passionate about creating a better future by empowering youth, fighting against racism and poverty, and promoting unity within our community and beyond.

Danny Foreman Jr.

As a Board Member and President of One Blood Movement Of Unity, I leverage my extensive technical knowledge and expertise to develop and implement innovative solutions that support our mission of combating racism and poverty, ensuring the efficient and effective delivery of our programs and services.

Terrence Barnes

As a Board Member and Vice President for One Blood Movement of Unity, I am committed to fostering collaboration, equity, and progress within our organization and the communities we serve. Together, we strive to create a positive impact, promote diversity, and address societal challenges through unity and collective action.


Mattie Dorsett

As a Board Member and Treasurer advisor of One Blood Movement Of Unity, I contribute strategic financial insights and guidance to fortify the organization’s fiscal health. Committed to transparency and accountability, I collaborate with fellow board members to ensure responsible stewardship of resources, enabling the sustained impact of our initiatives.

Gigi Gardener

As a Board Member and Chair Treasurer  of One Blood Movement Of Unity, I meticulously manage financial resources, ensuring transparency and accountability in our operations. I strive to optimize budgetary allocations to maximize the impact of our initiatives, contributing to the sustained growth of the organization. Through strategic financial planning, I aim to fortify the fiscal foundation that supports our noble cause.


Lori Denham

As a Board Member and Vice Chair Treasurer of One Blood Movement Of Unity, With a big heart for community and a passion for helping others soar, Lori has always worn two hats: savvy business owner and dedicated volunteer. Whether it’s mentoring young scouts, sparking imaginations at the Discovery Museum, or lending a hand at community events, Lori finds joy in giving back and making a difference. When she’s not crunching numbers or lending a listening ear, you’ll find her cherishing moments with her husband, family, and six energetic grandkids (who keep her young at heart!). Travel bug at her core, Lori’s always dreamt of seeing the world through their eyes – one adventure at a time!

Gabriella Terry

As a Board Member and Executive Assistant Of One Blood Movement of Unity, Gabriella Woodson Terry is the owner of Chefella’s Catering and Events, All in a Picnic and Mood Food. She has a degree in Culinary Arts and Hotel Restaurant Management. Her mission is to spread Christ’s love one smile and meal at a time. She has achieved many accolades during her career such as top 55 Women to Know in North Carolina, entrepreneur of the year 2023 and was featured in Marquis who’s who’s of America to name a few. This humble entrepreneur gives God all the glory and praise for all of her success.

Tanisha Rouse

As a Board Member, Secretary, and Social Media Manager for One Blood Movement of Unity, I manage communication channels, curate content, coordinate marketing efforts, engage with the community, and oversee administrative functions, ensuring holistic organizational growth and impact.

George Marsh

As a Board Member and executive advisor of One Blood Movement of Unity, I leverage over 30 years of business acumen and entrepreneurial prowess. My extensive experience encompasses strategic planning, operational optimization, and financial management. With a keen eye for market trends and a track record of driving innovation, I am committed to steering the organization towards sustainable growth and impactful outcomes.

Ken Benton

In my role as the Football Camp Coordinator at One Blood Movement Of Unity, I orchestrate dynamic and inclusive football programs that foster teamwork and character development among participants. I am dedicated to creating a supportive and engaging environment where young athletes can not only enhance their football skills but also learn valuable life lessons. Through the football camp, I aim to instill a sense of unity and resilience, transcending the boundaries of the sport to empower individuals within the One Blood community.

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